ways to keep your dental implant clean and hygienic

Dental implant surgery is a surgical procedure for missing teeth in which the missing tooth is replaced with a prosthetic tooth that functions as the real one. Science and technology have improved over the years, which led to the success rate of 98% in dental implants. Dental implants have artificial roots made with screws and wire attached to the jawbone. It is an artificial tooth which is called crowns.

In dental implants is the closest you can go to mimicking the original teeth. The dental implant stands stable without affecting another tooth nearby. Dental implants are generally made of metal titanium that's why it needs proper care and hygiene. To increase the longevity of the dental replacement and brightness of the tooth, you need a proper hygienic procedure for the tooth.

Here are 5 ways to keep your dental implant clean and hygienic

Dental implants have changed how we look at prosthetic or artificial teeth. Missing teeth may affect your self-esteem, which leads to stress and anxiety in public places. With the help of a dental implant procedure, then it gives you the confidence to carry the brightest smile. Dental implant care offers durability, comfort, and stability.

Dental implants are the sole procedure that replaces your missing tooth completely. You won't only get a prosthetic tooth but also artificial roots connected to the jawbone. So are these dental implants long-lasting? Yes, they are if taken proper care of. Here are the 5 ways in which you can maintain the hygiene and cleanliness of artificial teeth or dental implants for dental implant care.

To keep your dental implants healthy, you have to Brush, Brush and Brush!

Dental implants are similar to your natural teeth, and it needs proper cleaning if you want it to last long. Brushing is the crucial factor in maintaining the hygiene of dental implants. It is advised to use a soft brush or brush, which is specially designed for dental implants is the best to use to avoid giving too much pressure on dental implants.

The brush designed for dental implants cleans even those areas which are hard to reach; make sure when you clean, you put gentle pressure on dental implants. Brush slowly, so it doesn't affect the surface of dental implants. Brushing twice or thrice a day will help in maintaining hygiene and remove any plaque that may have formed.

Dental flossing

Dental flossing helps in removing germs and lowers the risk of plaque. It helps in preventing to grow bacteria in areas where your toothbrush is inaccessible to clean properly. Dental floss removes debris or trapped food between the teeth. It gives you fresh breath. According to dentists, while flossing, you need to gently move the floss up and down to remove food particles between the teeth.

Dental implants can get weaker if you floss harshly. It is advised to floss in gentle motion as if the floss gives you pain; it won't be effective in removing plaque. You can use a water flosser, which is also known as an oral water irrigator. This kills bacteria to the depth of 6 mm. Best dental implant clinic in Delhi also prefers this type of floss for the longevity of dental implants. Some types of floss can damage the implants, so it is better to flush out the germs without causing any damage to screws and wires of the prosthetic teeth.

Avoid smoking or drinking alcohol.

Change in the habit that you can bring during dental implants is avoiding smoking and drinking during this period. When the dental implant procedure is going on, it is advisable to put a stop to such addiction. Always keep it in your mind that it takes almost six months for the recovery of dental implants. For dental implant care, it is advisable to quit smoking and drinking alcohol during this period.

Smoking can have severe effects on dental implants as it causes significant bone loss after the implant, which makes the procedure retarded. It also increases the risk of pre-implants, which affects the dental implant procedure and bone grafts. Dental implant in Delhi has agreed that there is a significant difference in the failure rate of dental implants in smokers and non-smokers. Patients who quit smoking before or during dental implants have successful implants.

A use mouth guard for protection of dental implants

Dental implant care should be done properly as dental implants are not your real teeth. A mouth guard or is highly recommended for those who have a habit of clenching their teeth or engage in the contact sports activity. Your dentist from the best dental implant clinic in Delhi would recommend your custom-made mouthguard if you are diagnosed with bruxism. Bruxism is about unconscious grinding of teeth in stress or sleeping. It affects millions of people each year.

Getting implants does not put a full stop on bruxism, so if you are getting implants, this problem should be addressed along with the procedure of dental implants. Too much grinding of teeth can severely damage your dental implants. That is why to restore your smile; you will need a mouth guard along with dental implants.

Brushing twice daily

Be it dental implant care or your real teeth brushing twice daily prevents germs and bacteria from growing inside your mouth. When you brush your teeth in the morning just after waking up, it helps in preventing the build-up of unpleasant mouth odor. It cleans the mouth properly, removing the bacteria that accumulate inside your mouth overnight. This gives you a fresh feeling in the morning and makes your mouth germ-free for the day.

When you brush at night just before you go to sleep, it helps in removing the bacteria that have formed inside the mouth during the day. It diminishes the risk of plaque and prevents other infections from building up inside the mouth. It makes sure your dental implants are healthy and it not attacked by any microbes. Dental implants care is advised by dental implants in Delhi so the dental implants won't get affected and succumbed to germs.