Having a perfect set of teeth can not only help you flash your lovely smile and make your first impression but can also help you enjoy your life to the fullest. People who have properly aligned teeth not only look better but enjoy their meals properly and eat nutritious food such as fruits and nuts without giving it much thought. However, honestly how many of us have perfect teeth? The answer is very few! For the rest, misaligned and crooked teeth become part of their personalities. This is where the orthodontist steps in,orthodontics refers to the branch of dentistry that deals with the proper positioning of teeth and jaw. Teeth that are crooked are also hard to clean and would thus make room for decay and cavity, that would ultimately lead to teeth loss.


An orthodontist will help in correction your misaligned teeth and would not only give you a pleasing appearance but render your teeth that could last you a lifetime. Depending upon your diagnostic tests it will be ruled out whether you need an orthodontist or not. Some of the common orthodontic troubles are
Also known as buck teeth, where the front upper teeth stick out too far from the lower teeth.
This gives a bulldog appearance where the lower front teeth reach too far forward than the upper teeth.
This is the condition when the upper front teeth fail to come slightly in front of lower teeth while biting.
It refers to space in between the biting surface of the front and/or side teeth when the back teeth or molars bite together.
Also known as gaps or space between the teeth occur due to missing teeth or teeth that leave spaces in the mouth.
When there are too many teeth in the dental ridges to accommodate.
Misplaced midline
This is the condition when the centre of your upper teeth fails to align with the centre of your lower teeth.

For all these orthodontic problems various appliances are used that moves your teeth closer or align them perfectly in order to enhance the appeal and improve functionality. Some of the treatment options in orthodentistry are


Braces are amongst the most common fixed appliances consiting of bands, wires or brackets that are fixed around the tooth/teeth. These work as an anchor for the appliances. Brackets are the most common type of braces used bonded to the front of the tooth that puts tension on the teeth, slowly moving them to their desired position. Now a days, braces are available in various size and colour to encourage kids to wear them.


Aligners are the best alternative to the traditional braces. Aligners are preferred over braces as they are virtually invisible and can be removed for eating, brushing and flossing.

Fixed and removable space maintainers

In the case when the baby tooth is lost prematurely the space maintainers helps in maintaining the gap between the teeth, where the new and permanent teeth can erupt later on.

Palate expander

This device is extensively used to enhance the arc of the upper jaw, that fits over the roof of the mouth. The pressure applied by the screws to the plate in the joints of the bone helps in widening the palatal area.


In this device, a strap is worn at the back of your head, attached with a metal wire in front. This device helps in slowing down the growth of the upper jaw and also helps in holding the back teeth till the front teeth are being pulled back.
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