root canel treatment

Root canal therapy or root canal treatment, also considered as an endodontic therapy, is a dental procedure done to remove an infection from inside a tooth and can also protect the tooth from future infections. The treatment is done on the pulp of the tooth and which is medically termed a root canal. 

Root canal treatment - What is it?

A root canal is not a treatment and is part of the tooth's hollow section containing nerve tissue, blood vessels, and many other cells called the pulp. It is a dental procedure that comprises the removal of the soft part of the tooth, which is a pulp. The best dentist often performs a root canal under local anaesthesia. 

What are the reasons for damaged pulp? 

A root canal is done when a tooth's pulp is injured, infected, or inflamed. The crown of the tooth, which is part of the gums, can remain intact if the pulp is dead. The procedure removes injured or infected pulp, an excellent way to preserve the tooth's structure. Your dentist will suggest having a root canal when your tooth gives signs of infection or when the pulp nerve is damaged. The time a tooth is cracked, bacteria enter the pulp, and if left untreated, it can lead to serious infection, bone loss, or even tooth loss. Some most common causes of damaged pulp are: 

  • Any type of trauma to the tooth that leads to nerve damage, like a sports injury to the mouth.
  •  Some type of physical irritation is caused by tooth decay that reaches the nerve leading to infection and decay. 
  •  When a patient experiences a cracked or fractured tooth that involves pulp. 

What are the Signs and symptoms of pulp damage?

The best way to know clearly that you will require a root canal treatment is to visit your dentist for a checkup. There are several symptoms that you can check out for, and if you notice some or many symptoms, you must book an appointment with the best dentists in Delhi to get treated : 

  •  If you experience continuous pain in your tooth, it can indicate that you may need a root canal.
  • Experiencing tooth sensitivity and pain, especially when you eat something that's hot, cold, or very sweet
  • Sudden and unexplainable severe pain in your mouth
  • In many worse cases, infection in your mouth.

When is there a need for a root canal in Dwarka, Delhi? 

There are many cases in which root canal treatment becomes necessary: 

If a person experiences severe inflammation of the pulp and notices symptoms like sudden and sharp pain in the mouth. It is better to consult the best dentist in Dwarka Delhi for treatment; if left untreated, severe inflammation can cause the other parts of the mouth to get infected, like gums and connective tissues. The cure in this situation is only a root canal procedure.

  • Dental pulp stones occurrence

It is commonly known as dental pulp calcification and is a condition where hardening of the pulp tissue occurs. This condition leads to extreme pain and sensitivity owing to the compression of the dental nerves. The best dentist will recommend the root canal treatment to clear the hardened tissue.

  • The dental pulp becomes exposed. 

If a person has a cavity or a crack in the tooth, the pulp is more prone to catch the bacteria which leads to pain and, if not treated correctly, can cause a mild infection that progresses into a severe problem. To treat this, there is a need for a root canal however can be cured with a filling. 

Procedure for root canal treatment in Dwarka Delhi. 

RCT is performed for tooth infection; previously, the procedures were very painful, but with modern equipment and techniques, these have become pain-free. Before the experienced dentist starts the procedure, he will decide if you require a root canal, and the decision will be based on 

  • Xray
  • Amount of Nerve involvement
  • Tooth Examination 
  • Sensitivity assessment
  • Cavity test

If the results of the X-Ray show a high level of infection, then the dentist will suggest root canal treatment in Dwarka Delhi. It is best to have the tree on time to help save the tooth and prevent tooth deterioration. 

How is root canal treatment done? 

To cure the infection in the root canal, the bacteria has to be removed, and you have to consult for a checkup with the best dentist in Dwarka Delhi. The treatment is done in one of two ways :

  1. Removing bacteria from the root canal system 
  2. Removing the tooth 

But removing the tooth is not the option generally suggested by the best dentist as it's better to prevent the natural teeth as possible.

Root canal treatment is completed under local anaesthesia; thus, the procedure will be painless. After removing the bacteria, the root canal is filled, and the tooth is sealed with a filling and a crown. Root canal treatment at Dwarka Delhi is usually successful, and in almost all cases, a tooth can survive for about ten years after it is successfully done.

Why choose Samadhan Clinic in Dwarka Delhi for root canal treatment?

Many people suffer from anxiety associated with dental treatments, especially root canals. At Samadhan Clinic, the best dentist visit will be very comfortable. It is among the best clinics for root canal treatment in Delhi. It offers the most advanced equipment for many dental procedures and adopts a strategic approach to offer patients a pain-free and comfortable experience. The clinic provides the best team, including Dr Rupal Agarwal, one of the most experienced doctors in dentistry. 

What is the cost of root canal treatment in Dwarka, Delhi?

The cost of a root canal in Dwarka Delhi for a single tooth may range between Rs 6500 and Rs 9000. The cost of root canal treatment cost depends on many factors, including: 

  • Location of the clinic
  •  Equipment and set up a tooth that is involved in the extent of damage
  •  The expertise of the dentist
  • The cost of tests done like X-Ray

The root canal treatment cost in Dwarka Delhi is most affordable at Samadhan Clinic. Thus, it is considered the appropriate option for you if you experience any pain to get it done by booking your appointment. 

If you suffer from a damaged pulp and experience any of the above symptoms, then you would benefit from a root canal, then book your appointment with Samadhan Clinic to get treated by a Top Dentist in Dwarka, Delhi. It is among the oldest dental clinics in Delhi, providing experienced doctors with 20-plus years of vast experience in the field.