How Your Diet Affects Your Oral Health?

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The food items that we consume do not only affect our overall health but also puts an impact on your oral health. The quality of your teeth and gums is based on what you are eating and how often you are consuming a particular type of food. Mainly, the food items that have a lot of sugar content in it are responsible for bad oral health. Basically, when sugar comes in contact with the plague, it forms an acid that degrades the quality of your gums as well as teeth.

What All to Avoid?

As discussed above, sugars like sucrose, fructose, and glucose should not be consumed at regular intervals of the day. It is generally advised to check the contents of the food product and then consumes it accordingly for the perfect oral health. Apart from the sugar content, the pH of the food items also affects oral health. The food as well as drinks that are acidic, that is below 7 can cause harm to your gums and teeth if consumed continuously. On the other hand, anything above 7 pH value is basic and is harmful if consumed in an uncontrolled manner. Consuming water after the meals can maintain good oral health as it has a neutral pH value.

Moreover, the food products that are sticky in nature must be avoided, especially when having a meal before sleep. These types of food products stick to several parts of the teeth. The sugar in that stuck food makes acids along with the plaque. This will not only create bad oral health but will also make you more prone to problems like cavities. Cavities through sticky food can spread quite faster and will degrade your oral health at a very young age. Thus, sticky food like honey should not be consumed in a regular interval of time.

Every one of us likes to have a white set of teeth. But often we lose the natural shine of our teeth due to the food we eat. There are certain types of food that cause dullness in the appearance of the teeth. Also, there are certain drinks that are responsible for the staining of the teeth. The color pigments present in those drinks remain attached to our teeth and thus impacts its shine. Therefore, to avoid the same, you should drink plenty of water after you have such drinks. Water will not allow these color pigments to harm the appearance of your teeth.

What All to Consume:

The snacks, as well as the sweets that are considered to be harmful to oral health, should mostly be consumed during the meals. This will reduce the effect and the chances of tooth decay. To keep your mouth fresh and free from any kind of acids, it is advised to take proper meals rather than periodic snacks. Eating food products like fruits and vegetables will be healthy for your body and for your dental health as well. They prevent tooth decay and bad breath.

Also, there are several vitamins and minerals that are required to keep up with your oral health. All those are provided when you ensure to consume a balanced diet. It will contain each and every nutrient that is required for your healthy body as well as fit oral health. Including dairy products in your meal is preferred by a lot of doctors. This is because dairy products have good calcium content that is necessary for healthy teeth. Other food items that include healthy fat and have omega-3-acids are a must for healthy gums and thus should be consumed.

Should You Brush Your Teeth After Every Meal?

If your diet contains a lot of sugar, then it is advisable to brush your teeth at least one time a day. It will clear all the leftover sugar in your gums and thus keep up the health of your teeth. The toothpaste you are using should have all the necessary ingredients that will maintain your oral health. Moreover, one must be aware that over-brushing can decrease the density of the teeth. Thus, brushing must be done in a regulated and controlled manner.


The food you are consuming will have a great impact on your oral health since the first process of digestion takes place in your mouth itself. It is necessary to have healthy oral health for proper functioning as well as for enhanced appearance. One must also ensure that they are consuming a sufficient amount of water after eating food products having high sugar content in it. The care shall also be taken while consuming soft drinks as they are sugar-rich and are responsible for teeth staining. The time period and frequency for which you are brushing your teeth should also be regulated for the best oral health.