Braces what are they actually


If you think you do not have the perfect set of teeth and suffer from the problem of underbite or overbite then there are several treatments for your rescue. Braces or retainers are amongst those few options that can help you get rid of unsightly and misaligned teeth. Braces also known as orthodontic brackets are the small components that an orthodontist uses for straightening your teeth and beautifying your smile. In the past, usually, metal braces were used. However, with changing times, metal got replaced with more fabricated materials such as ceramic, or polycarbonates. These braces are attached either to the front or sometimes on the back of your tooth. This is attached with the help of specific bonding glue.

What types of braces are available?

After your orthodontist has decided that you need braces, you may be given several options as per your need. Some of these braces are

Metal Braces

These are the metal wires or brackets that initially comes to everybody’s mind when they first hear of braces. These are the least expensive braces but are not very pleasant looking.

Ceramic Braces

Ceramic braces are similar in shape and size to metal braces but the only difference is that they are tooth coloured or clear brackets that match seamlessly to the teeth colour. These are more expensive then metal braces and can stain easily if not taken proper care of.

Lingual Braces

These are identical to the traditional metal braces but the main difference is that these are placed on the inside of the teeth. The biggest advantage of these braces is that they are invisible from outside.


Invisalign is the new age technology where a series of about 18-30 customised, clear plastic aligners. These are removable and needs to be replaced every few weeks. They are almost invisible and the patient can eat or drink whatever they want to. The only downside is the price as they are a bit expensive.

How do braces work?

Braces usually work by the application of continuous pressure over a certain period of time. This causes the teeth to move in a specific direction. With the movement of teeth, the bone shape also changes with the applied pressure. The various components of braces have their specific function in straightening the teeth. Brackets work like handles, which holds the archwires that move the teeth. Archwires are attached to the brackets which function as tracks for guiding the movement of the teeth. A buccal tube present on the band of the last tooth holds the edge of the archwire securely in its place. Tiny elastic rubber bands also known as ligatures, hold the arch wires to the brackets.

The time for which you may have to wear braces varies from person to person. Some of the factors that decide the time duration for which you have to wear the braces are

The severity of the condition.

The amount of space available in the jaw

The strength of the supporting bone

However, the average time you would have to wear the braces are somewhere around 1-3 years.

How often will i need to see the orthodonist during treatment?

You must visit your orthodontist every month in order for him to see whether the braces are exerting the right amount of pressure or not. During these visits, he will make adjustments in the wires or bands of the braces. In cases, braces alone are not of much help, you will ask to wear headgear for maximum benefits.

Does the age affect the success of braces?

This is the most common question to cross everybody’s mind who wants to go for braces. The technical process used for moving the teeth with the help of braces is the same for both kids and adults. Both of them can improve their appearance and bite with the help of the right braces. The only difference is that in adults more than just braces might be needed as the jawbone in adults is no longer growing.

How much do braces cost?

The cost of braces varies according to what braces you choose. While metal braces are cheapest and cost around 18,000 Rs, Invisalign is the most expensive but worthy option that may cost anywhere around 60,000 Rs excluding other charges like diagnosis and consultation.
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